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So, here’s a little secret about my accountability group that is going to make the hair stand up on a lot of people’s necks…

I stole a few “secrets” from Weight Watchers and use them to get clients in it and get them the results they are looking for.

Yep… Weight Watchers.

Not Precision Nutrition, or any of the other certification organizations out there.

I know. I can feel several of you rolling your eyes right now.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe 110% in what PN does and I love John Berardi’s approach to nutrition.


Those organizations provide “head knowledge.”

Head knowledge is good, but it doesn’t teach you how to make money with that knowledge.

I’m more interested in learning, and teaching, MONEY-MAKING KNOWLEDGE.

And whether we like them, or not, Weight Watchers is the most popular diet program in the world… and has been for a long time.

That tells us two things…

1. They’re doing something right, and

2. They’re your competition.

So… We can choose to ignore Weight Watchers and pass them off as “inferior” to our cutting-edge training and head knowledge, or we can sit up and take notice of what they are doing…

And Heaven’s Forbid, maybe even learn a few things from them.

See, here’s the thing…

We are taught that if we want to be good at something, we should find someone who is really good at doing what we want to do and learn from them.

Well, Weight Watchers makes a LOT of money with nutrition coaching so it made sense for me to dig into what they do.

So, here are a few of their not-so-secret secrets that I “stole” to implement in my accountability groups, and turn them into a HUGE money-making profit center in my business…

1. Weight Watchers makes the on boarding process really SIMPLE.

As in brain-dead simple.


You show up to a meeting…

Everyone makes a big deal and gives you a warm, fuzzy welcome…

They teach easy-to-follow lifestyle lessons …

They have you weigh in and tell you to come back next week to do it all over again.

BOOM! That’s pretty much what I do.

You show up for a meeting…

Everyone makes a big deal and gives you a warm, fuzzy welcome…

You explain how things have been going for you the last week nutrition-wise (challenges, failures, successes, etc.)…

I use that information to uncover “Ah Ha” moments, or lessons to teach (Can you say PN’s habit-based coaching).

I have you weigh in and tell you to come back next week to do it all over again.

Not rocket science, is it?

But you know what?


And when push comes to shove, that’s all that really matters.

2. Weight Watchers understands to 80% rule…

Every single person in this group has heard some variation of these two lines…

“Dedicate 80% of your time on the most important stuff in your business.”

“Weight loss is up to 80% nutrition.”

And all of the smarter people in this group will agree with the statement that nutrition is more important than exercise (that’s all of you I’m assuming).

They will also claim that they do spend 80% of their time on the most important stuff.

But most trainers send their clients off with the same regurgitated, generic meal plans, or lists of unapproved and approved foods that everyone else is providing, and concentrate most of their time and efforts on the least important part of the equation… training.

Weight Watchers on the other hand, dedicates the majority of their efforts to that 80% of the equation, and very little to the least important factor.

Makes perfect sense to me… If nutrition is the biggest portion of the equation, I should be concentrating more of my efforts on nutrition coaching.

Well, that’s only if I really want to get my clients their best results.

AND 100% of Weight Watchers’ revenues are derived from nutrition coaching.

I’m not saying you should be generating 80% of your revenue from nutrition coaching, but what’s wrong with 50%… or 40%… or, you get the idea.

Most trainers generate 0% of their income from nutrition coaching.

3. Weight Watchers provides ONGOING education

Weight Watchers knows that your clients don’t become a nutrition expert from your generic meal plan, eBook, and grocery store tours.

They understand and employ the power of on-going education.

So, they have a meeting EVERY week.


Like clockwork.

That’s exactly what I do… A 60- to 90-minute meeting every week.

And depending on how many folks I have in the group at any given time, it earns between $750-$1,125 per hour.

When was the last time you really taught your clients anything about nutrition?

Once every 6 months? Longer?

That’s not even close to enough.

You need to make on-going nutrition education a part of your fitness business.


4. Weight Watchers understands the power of community AND the power of recognition

At Weight Watchers clients are recognized and celebrated many times throughout the program.

First clients are recognized for simply joining the group (Yeah, they make a BIG DEAL of this)…

Next, they are recognized AND celebrated for successes, big and small…

And finally, they can ascend the ladder and become recognized as “experts” within the group.

Those three points make weekly meetings powerful gatherings because while one client gets the power of community wisdom and individual coaching, another can feel like a hero for providing experience and real-life advice to newer members.

Yes. I absolutely do the same thing.

5. Weight Watchers focuses on the ENGAGEMENT of their clients

I’d go so far as to say engagement matters more than results because engagement promotes a powerful community that keeps people coming back over and over again.

And let’s be honest, if we can keep people engaged in our weight loss community, it’s impossible for them NOT to get results.

And that makes EVERYBODY happy…

Your clients get support, recognition and results…

And you get happier clients that become raving fans AND stay engaged with your programs longer… which means even more revenues generated.

So, the way I see it is pretty simple…

We can turn up our noses at Weight Watchers and pretend to be better than them, or we can take the best of what they are doing, add our expertise and experience to it, make it exponentially more effective, and create a community that is far more connected and loyal to what we have to offer.

Like I said earlier…

We can learn from someone who is doing it better than us, or we can write it off and come up with every possible excuse and lie about why it won’t work for us.

One decision leads to sustainable success, and the other shows how oblivious we can sometimes be to reality.

Peace. Out.


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