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This is the post you’ve been waiting for.

Today I’m going to outline exactly how I went about building my nutrition coaching funnel that generates over $100k annually.

Honestly it is a fairly simple sales funnel where I ascend current clients from a low barrier of entry to higher priced programs that provide even higher value to them. It looks like this…

Low barrier of entry that adds high value to my training programs =>

Accountability group => 

1-on-1 Coaching

Each step in the ascension process is more expensive than the prior, and provides much more value (accountability, coaching, education, etc.). But overall, it’s very simple and straight-forward.

Now let’s break down each step in the funnel…

It all starts with my low barrier of entry.

This is simply a matter of me delivering individually-customized RD-designed meal plans with every training program I provide. This adds tremendous value to my clients since they immediately have everything they need to be successful served to them on a silver platter… guidance, motivation, accountability and individually-customized meal plans designed specifically for them. I use a software called FitPro Complete, and the cost of it is factored into all of my training programs (transformation challenges, core offerings, EVERYTHING). In fact, I immediately added an extra $20 monthly to all of my training programs to account for the amount I want to generate by including nutrition with everything I do. 

That’s an additional $240 annually generated from every client I have, and since it is included with all of my training programs, there is no additional selling involved.

It is not necessary that you use this tool, but it IS necessary that you are providing a nutrition program that is clearly different from everyone else, not the same one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter meal plans that most trainers provide out of convenience.

Next, we do weekly weigh-ins and this is where the process of ascending clients to the next step in the funnel begins.

SIDE NOTE: We don’t use food journaling in our practice because we have learned that it tends to provide an inaccurate snapshot of how the client is actually progressing. Like you, I do understand the value of logging foods, but unlike you and I, our clients don’t embrace it the same way. In fact, most times the client doesn’t learn what to eat, but learns what to log in order to satisfy their coach. It takes more time on their part and everyone already thinks they’re too busy!

This is why we rely on weekly weigh-ins which take little time since we do it right before a scheduled training session, and quite honestly, provides all the information I need to address lack of compliance.

For example, let’s say I have a client that has been with me for four weeks and the weekly weigh-ins indicate that client hasn’t lost a single pound. I now have more than enough information to show that client that they are failing to follow their nutrition program.

I can now use simple third-grade math to prove my point.

Let’s say when the client signed up with us, they said they wanted to lose 2 pounds per week. Perfect!

The conversation will typically go like this…

“There are 3,500 calories in one pound, times two pounds equals a 7,000-calorie deficit is required to reach their goal.

7,000 calories times the four weeks equals 28,000 calories, right?

Well, any human being that has been in a 28,000-calorie deficit will have lost weight. Yet you haven’t lost a single pound. I’d like to sit down and dig into what is going on and see if we can fix it.”

That’s an abridged version of my typical conversation which goes deeper towards setting the stage for my next step in my sales funnel, but I think you can see how simple it is.

Now… This is where the magic happens.

During the course of those four weeks, what happened?

  1. I provided them a simple tool that if used, provides them perfect nutrition.
  2. Weekly weigh-ins were performed to provide a track record of compliance, or non-compliance.
  3. I was able to demonstrate non-compliance scientifically and mathematically, yet in a way that the client can understand.
  4. I set the stage for ascending them into my next step in the nutrition coaching funnel.

This simple process makes it easy to ascend them into my accountability group because, because instead of a typical selling position where you are trying to convince them of something they may not feel they need…

I showed them that they do indeed need it… And that puts me in a much better position to ascend them into the next step of the funnel.

Accountability Groups

This is the next step in my nutrition funnel, and where we start to realize substantial financial gains.

This is simply an 8-week coaching program conducted in a group setting that meets one hour per week. It includes 20-30 participants at $300 each. That amounts to $6,000-$9,000 every eight weeks… for only one hour per week of work! And since there are 6.5 eight week cycles in a year, that’s $39,000-$58,500 each year.

That’s between $750-$1,125 per hour, depending on how many folks are in the group at any given time and I’ve never had less than 20 participants at any given time. Heck, if you only had 10 participants, it comes out to $375 per hour. 

I’ll save the details of exactly how I structure the accountability group for another time, but I wanted you to see how lucrative accountability groups can be to your business for the small amount of time invested.

The highest rung in my nutrition ladder is 1-on-1 coaching and typically are 12-16 week commitments. These clients are typically folks that still need additional attention after the accountability group, physique athletes (bodybuilders and fitness models) and beauty pageant competitors. I make from $2,500-$3,500 for the term of the commitment and typically meet with them once per week, in addition to weekly phone calls, Skype calls, etc. With this group, I do whatever it takes from me to ensure they reach their goal.

The last part of my nutrition coaching funnel are the “down sells” to folks that say they can’t afford our training programs, or tender their 30-day cancellation notice from a training program.

Typically, it is someone who is a “warm prospect” and for some reason can’t afford our program, or is leaving us. 

As a routine practice, I’ll offer to show them 5-6 exercises they can do on their own at home and provide them the same nutrition program that my successful clients use (Fit Pro Complete). I’ll charge them $19.95 per month for access to the nutrition program.

To show you how lucrative this little profit center can be, my facility currently has about 100 training clients, but I have almost 300 folks on my self-directed nutrition program paying me $19.95 monthly.

That’s an extra $4,000 monthly, or $48,000 annually, that I am doing absolutely nothing for. That’s a nice mortgage payment.

So… I have 100 clients that I’ve added $240 annually to the value of their agreements ($24,000), between $39,000-$58,000 annually with accountability groups, and another $48,000 in self-directed nutrition programming.

So if you do the math, you can see that with these simple strategies it is pretty easy to have a $100k nutrition coaching program… and none of them require a substantial amount of your time.

In fact, these systems work seamlessly with whatever type of training protocol you prescribe.

Now I’d like to make one last point…

Did you notice how none of these profit centers required me to find new clients and spend money on marketing?

Every single person in my nutrition programs are already my current training clients, or they find me. No additional overhead to find them!

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions regarding any of this, PLEASE feel free to reach out to me. I want to do whatever I can to help you make more money in your business.


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