Does This Describe You? - FitPro Complete

“Will you teach me?”

“Yes, but will you learn?”

The fitness industry has lost the essence of these questions. Many fitness professionals today have replaced the ability to learn with an eagerness to have someone just tell them what to do each day.

Sad, but true.

As an industry, we no longer want to learn. We just want someone to lay out exact steps that never require learning or adapting.

We just want someone to give us done-for-you solutions to our biggest problems, but don’t want to actually learn a damn thing that will help us or our businesses.

We clamor to weekend certifications where we learn specific movements, demonstrated by coaches with years of experience doing those movements, and then we go home and injure our clients by trying to do things we only have done a few dozen times ourselves.

We copy, but we don’t understand.

We no longer learn; we simply repeat.

And when it doesn’t work we can’t figure out why, because we never learned the “Why,” only the “How”.

So instead we blame it on the product, the course, or the coach, because heaven forbid it could be our own fault that we didn’t learn a damn thing.

We even do this with our own clients where we fail to teach why. Instead we simply teach patterns, because we only know how to do it and not why anyone would do it.

True learning is about true understanding.

We know why, so we can adapt.

We know how, so we practice.

And we also know why not, so we can adapt something to our minds, our bodies and our businesses.

Learning is about opening your mind to concepts, not simple repetition of the steps any small child could master.

When you pay for learning, ask how things works, why things don’t work and how to adapt what you learn to your own life… or don’t do it all and avoid wasting a good mind, such as yours.

Rick “the Never-Ending Student” Streb

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