Creating a "Culture of Nutrition" - FitPro Complete
How exactly to do you create a ‘culture of nutrition’?

First, what exactly does that mean?


It refers to the fact that EVERYONE in your facility has their nutrition dialed in.

Your nutrition program permeates everything in the place.

The new people are on board, the veterans are on board and obviously the trainers are on board!

It means there are conversations going on all around you – started by members themselves – about what they ate or some recipe they created.

It’s simply everywhere.

The good part is, this culture does NOT have to be forced. It simply “is.”

I read somewhere that one study shows it takes 21 days for a new habit to take hold.

That’s the time it takes to go from something you HAVE to do, to something you just DO.

Make sense?

This is how your program needs to work. I’ve seen this in my own facility. Once you get this type of atmosphere, then growth and, of course, client success come very easily.

By making nutritional planning a part of what you do from the get go, this culture simply “is.”

This is EXACTLY why NPS works so well.

You made a better decision than you even know by plugging NPS into your own business culture.

There are options for everyone. Your members see it everywhere.

While other facilities face a never-ending battle to get bodies in the door, you have the advantage of a fitness AND nutrition culture.

And provide you with a successful business – avoiding the death trap of having only one revenue stream in your business. Facilities relying only on training for revenue are at the mercy and whims of a VERY fickle industry!

This should no longer be you…

Let’s look at the tools available to you now.

  1. Client Infusion Challenge: We will help you get at least 3-5 new paying clients in 14 days or less, AND provide you with the tools and resources to continue adding new clients regularly into the future.
  2. FitPro Complete: The engine that can drive recurring revenue like no other software out there. Read more about that here…

Client Infusion Challenge

FitPro Complete

These things come together to help you create the “culture of nutrition” needed to get and keep clients.

As well as provide them with tremendous success!

So, as I mentioned at the beginning; Welcome Aboard!

Just like you do with your clients…

If something isn’t working for you… let’s find out EXACTLY what it is and fix it!

That’s what I’m here for… To help you make more money is your business.

Committed to your success,


PS – We talked about a LOT of stuff over the course of these emails. And just like you, I am looking to create a “culture of success” with my clients. Meaning you!

Here is the link to FitPro Complete, as well as my direct phone number. Let’s get this done…and done right.