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Accountability is a core ROI principle because not only does it breed success with your clients it also highlights where clients are not following the plan and allows you to upsell them into what we call an accountability group.

Here is an example of how this would work.

When a new member joins they are probably uncomfortable about themselves and have a unhealthy body image.  So, it’s important to provide options for measuring success that won’t potentially make them feel worse about themselves.

It’s important to meet them where they’re at instead of trying to force our beliefs onto to them, and subsequently, make them feel even more uncomfortable. (Yes… I do understand the value of food logging, taking measurements, etc., but it’s not something our new clients are typically comfortable with).

Remember: Our goal is to make every new member feel comfortable from Day 1, and implementing protocols that they are familiar with accomplishes that.

One way to do this is by doing weekly weigh-ins.

The scale is something that every human being understands. So, let’s make their first experience with us familiar and comfortable, instead of taking steps that may make them feel worse about themselves. Over time we can move them towards our ways of thinking.

Now, let’s say you are 4 weeks into the current challenge you might be running and Jane hasn’t lost a single pound.  You know she has been coming to every workout and she “says” she is eating according to the plan you have provided her.

You can now sit down with her and have a conversation to show her that if you planned out for her to lose 2lbs a week, then she must be eating an extra 28,000 calories somewhere.

3,500 calories per pounds x 2 = 7,000 calorie weekly deficit
7,000 weekly calorie deficit x 4 weeks = 28,000 calories

If she is eating according to your plan and doing the workouts then there should be something showing on the scale for weight loss.

Since there isn’t any weight loss, despite her telling you that she is eating according to your plan, you can show her that the math doesn’t add up and that you must be missing something here since she should be in a 2,000 calorie deficit each week to lose 2lbs a week.

Now here is where you bring in the idea of having her join your accountability or support group.

You can talk about how there must be some social trigger, or habit, that is occurring to have her not reaching that 7,000 calorie deficit each week.  Let her know you have an 8-week support group for nutrition that meets 1x a week, and you dig deep into what is going, and to figure out what is going and to get her results.

She is there to get results and that is what this support group is going to do.  This 8-week program is $37.50 a week. ($37.50 x 8 weeks = $300)

Since you have been documenting her results each week and sat down and had this conversation with her, it is an easy offer to make because she is there to get results and knows she is not currently getting the results she wants.

At any point you could have 20-30 people in this group changing lives for 1 hour a week.

That is between $6,000-$9,000 in extra income every 8 weeks, or between $39,000-$58,500 annually in new revenue.

This is the power of implementing accountability from Day 1.

For those that want to break down this into an hourly rate it is between $750-$1,125 per hour.   Not too shabby for an ROI is it?  🙂

If you are not implementing accountability coaching into your programs from the moment a prospect walks into your facility then you are missing out on this ROI core principle… and leaving a LOT of money on the table.

As you can see, the system works and is designed to allow you to ascend members into a higher paid program.

This is just 1 step that I do to generate a 6-figure income just from additional revenue streams such as my nutrition programs, private groups and other things. This 6-figures is in addition to my normal training programs.

I have developed an ROI calculator that you can use to see how much money you are potentially leaving on the table and what you can do to fix that.

Check out my 6-point ROI calculator below. ⬇️

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