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The “Trainer’s Dilemma”… Is this you? Yay or Nay?

The “Trainer’s Dilemma”… Is this you? Yay or Nay?

I hope you’re kicking butt and taking names!

If you’re not…

You may be falling victim to a well-known condition called the “Trainer’s Dilemma…”

It works something like this:

You are looking to grow your business (duh, who isn’t)…

You ask your members what they are looking for…

Your staff (if you have any) gives you great input…

Maybe you’ve even attended a seminar or conference and heard about a program that’s a perfect fit for what you preach throughout your facility…

You invest your hard-earned cash and acquire the program…

Then guess what happens?

Nothing. Nada.

You never get around to implementing the program!

Logically you KNOW it’s a fit. But you simply can’t find the time to get to it.

You add it to your ‘to do’ list, but something ALWAYS comes up and it gets pushed to the side.

It’s like that commercial where the crazy suburban couple will do just about ANYTHING to avoid talking about their retirement plan…even when they know full well it is a MUST.

“Raking the leaves… washing the cat… etc.” Anything but what they should be doing.

The end result? You members get nothing, you’re out some cash and you end up feeling like crap because you see yourself as an organizational failure.

I have felt the same thing! Every trainer has.

You have just joined a long list of trainers who are too busy to make money. Cliche city.

Let’s stop the madness…

And look at things a different way.

I was sitting around one day lamenting some task I KNEW needed to get done. One that would actually help me once it was done. I was completely avoiding this task at all costs.

Then someone said, “Rick. Listen. The next 6 weeks are going pass anyway. At the end of that time you could have this all done… or you could still be bitching about it.”

I had been called out.


I carved out the time. Sat down with someone who could walk me through it. Got it done. And it didn’t hurt one bit.

I actually enjoyed it.

See where I’m going here?

Are you REALLY too busy to make money? Probably not.

If you have not created a “No Interruptions Zone” or simply a block of time when you have made it clear you are NOT to be disturbed, you need to do that ASAP!

It works.

Some people even keep a timer on their desks for this exact purpose.

Try it this week and see how it works…no, correction. Make it work!

You will be amazed at what you can get done in one concentrated block of time.

Committed to your health,

Rick “The Productivity Hacker” Streb

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The only thing worse than failure…

The only thing worse than failure…

The only thing worse than failure is never trying at all.

And most times people don’t try because of their fear of failure.

Never trying leads to REGRET.

So many people with great potential shrink back for fear of failure…

And they never fulfill their potential.

I can’t imagine how dreadful that must feel.

If the fear of moving forward has you blocked into an unfulfilling corner, then think for a moment (but just for a moment).

Think about the future.

If you take no different action and you look back at yourself even one year or five years from now, will you be happy with no change? Will you have regrets?

As Mark Twain said,

“You will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.”

Most people will stay in a place they hate, rather than risk the unknown.

But what they really risk is much greater than the unknown.

What they really risk is never experiencing their deserved rewards.

More importantly, they risk living a life of regret.

And that’s tragic.

Every one of us have untold ability to make the world a better place. We have a Creator who gives us access to all the resources we need. He says He will bless the work of your hands – but you must put those hands to work with passion.

Now that you have thought about the pain of regret, please decide one action that you can take TODAY that will move you out of your comfort zone and closer to a worthy goal.

Decide how you can invest in yourself…

Invest in your relationships to make them stronger…

Invest in your business to provide the life you and your family deserves…

Invest in YOU.

I want to help you find your breakthrough by encouraging you to take ACTION on something that you have been putting off.

More importantly, I don’t want you to sit in regret from not trying at all.

What do you really want to do, be and have?

Then get up, and GET GOING!

You don’t have to do it perfectly, just make a plan and start moving.

Committed to YOUR success,


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Does This Describe You?

Does This Describe You?

“Will you teach me?”

“Yes, but will you learn?”

The fitness industry has lost the essence of these questions. Many fitness professionals today have replaced the ability to learn with an eagerness to have someone just tell them what to do each day.

Sad, but true.

As an industry, we no longer want to learn. We just want someone to lay out exact steps that never require learning or adapting.

We just want someone to give us done-for-you solutions to our biggest problems, but don’t want to actually learn a damn thing that will help us or our businesses.

We clamor to weekend certifications where we learn specific movements, demonstrated by coaches with years of experience doing those movements, and then we go home and injure our clients by trying to do things we only have done a few dozen times ourselves.

We copy, but we don’t understand.

We no longer learn; we simply repeat.

And when it doesn’t work we can’t figure out why, because we never learned the “Why,” only the “How”.

So instead we blame it on the product, the course, or the coach, because heaven forbid it could be our own fault that we didn’t learn a damn thing.

We even do this with our own clients where we fail to teach why. Instead we simply teach patterns, because we only know how to do it and not why anyone would do it.

True learning is about true understanding.

We know why, so we can adapt.

We know how, so we practice.

And we also know why not, so we can adapt something to our minds, our bodies and our businesses.

Learning is about opening your mind to concepts, not simple repetition of the steps any small child could master.

When you pay for learning, ask how things works, why things don’t work and how to adapt what you learn to your own life… or don’t do it all and avoid wasting a good mind, such as yours.

Rick “the Never-Ending Student” Streb

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