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Over the past several years I really started to focus on building my training business by creating a business model that integrates nutrition programming with my training model seamlessly. In fact, nutrition programming now accounts for over 50% of the total revenues my facility generates.

And let’s face it… Nutrition SHOULD play a significant role in all of our training businesses. After all, nutrition is 60%-80% of the transformation equation.

Yet most trainers put most of their emphasis on training (the least important part of the solution), and very little (if any) importance on nutrition when it comes to their programming.

Let’s face it… That’s backwards! If nutrition is the biggest factor in getting clients the results they are coming for, why are so many trainers putting the least emphasis on it?

And let’s be honest… The ONLY reason your clients come to you is for RESULTS!

Yet more alarming to me, whenever I ask a fitness professional if they incorporate nutrition with their programs they always say “Yes.” But when I ask them how much income they generate from nutrition programming, the answer is almost always the same… “None.” On a very rare occasion I will hear that a trainer is making a little cash from their nutrition programming.

But I NEVER hear that a fitness pro is killing it with nutrition, and that reveals that a HUGE opportunity is being missed by most fitness businesses.

If you can deliver a complete solution that gives someone everything they need to get the results they want instead of just holding workouts or renting them access to equipment, you can stand out from the crowd. You can now truly become a “Category of One” when it comes to fitness businesses in your community…and integrating proven nutrition programming will allow you to do that.

Nutrition is your untapped goldmine that is sitting right in front of you! And it’s the easiest and most profitable way to separate yourself from your competition!

There are no shortage of other gyms and trainers in your area… I can almost guarantee it.

But it’s likely that almost all of them are focusing on the wrong things.

They’re spending their time selling 24 Hour Access or Unlimited Workouts…

They think that competing on price is the way to beat the competition, when in truth it’s simply a way to go broke… They’re selling sessions, exercises and equipment.

But they’re missing the most obvious truth of all…

… People Just Want Results!

So if you can be the one business in your local market that not only gets this, but actually builds a business around it, people will beat a path to your door.

And you and I both know that to deliver extraordinary results time after time, you have to make nutrition an integral part of your program.

Before I developed FitPro Complete, I would have to build all individual meal plans and email them to each client separately. Each meal plan consisted of 7 days of meals, some information about macronutrients, and a food exchange list. On the average each customized meal plan would take me 8-10 hours. And any additional nutrition adjustments I needed to make would take at least another day and then I had to email them again. The amount of time I had to dedicate to each client really limited my ability to grow my business.

When I started incorporating FitPro Complete into my training program several things happened…

First, the time it took me to develop individually-customized meal plans for each client went from 8-10 hours to 4-5 minutes. I could easily provide detailed meal planning to all my client’s programs.

Secondly, my clients could not stop talking about how happy they were with all the options and how easy it was to use.

Third, I was able to quickly triple my active client list with the potential to grow even more.

Fourth, my retention rate went from 18 moths to 26 months.

Then, after I was happy with the way FitPro Complete was incorporated flawlessly into my business, I began working on other ways to monetize nutrition programming in my business and creating systems to make it work seamlessly with my training programs. That resulted in the creation of my Nutrition Profit System – 10 unique nutrition blueprints that are integrated perfectly into my business format, including…

  • front-end offers, or low barrier of entry
  • 1-on-1 nutrition coaching
  • accountability groups
  • workshops
  • upsells
  • downsells
  • an online nutrition group that generates monthly recurring revenue
    and the ultimate supplement sales system

If you haven’t yet started using these two great systems, here’s why you should:

They Play Well Together: Clients are able to learn how to exchange their own foods around to make sure they stay in line with the workouts and my Nutrition Profit System provides the accountability, as well as allows you to monetize nutrition coaching into your business model.

They Let You Focus On What Really Matters, Your Clients: FitPro Complete makes building customized meal plans a snap, which means I can spend less time working on a plan, and more time working with my clients. And both systems work so well together, I’m able to take on more and more clients every day.

They Give Clients What They Need to Succeed: Ultimately clients aren’t going to succeed unless they’re actually following the programs. With my Nutrition Profit System and FitPro Complete, clients have access to meal options, as well a direct line of communication with their trainer. I am able to use my clients’ own plans to teach them flexible eating techniques and how to make nutrition adjustments.

I couldn’t be happier with the direction my online training business as taken since starting to use FitPro Complete with my Nutrition Profit System. If you’re ready to really start growing your business through nutrition coaching, this is the way to go!

Dedicated to YOUR Success,

Rick Streb

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